DIABETIC FOOT RECONSTRUCTION, Amputation Prevention, and Li


The Limb Salvage Team

Dedicated to Success: Doctor Hatch, podiatrist, and Doctors Lucas and Namanny, vascular surgeons, have formed a professional alliance directed toward improving  diabetic limb salvage outcomes in Southern Arizona.  Together their individualized expert approach targets critical aspects in the prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot including advanced wound care, re-vascularization, and surgical foot reconstruction.


Comprehensive Treatment

Doctor Hatch is one of the most published authors on topics of the Diabetic Foot and Limb Salvage in Southern Arizona. He has undergone extensive training in foot reconstruction, wound care,biomechanics, surgical intervention, and wound prevention.  Request an evaluation for limb salvage options to discuss special cases with Dr. Hatch or for a second opinion of care. 


Experts in Vascular Surgery

Doctors Namanny and Lucas are fellowship trained Vascular Surgeons. Foot care, combined with optimized blood flow are the foundation to wound prevention and diabetic limb salvage.  For more information about their services please visit their website HERE.